Unlike other cycling and running fitness products, the beauty of GoBeeFit is that we offer a quick and easy, one-stop solution for fun and exciting, high-tech fitness.  All you need is your smart phone, the GoBeeFit Sensor Kit and your own two feet to get started.  If you want to get super fancy, cast GoBeeFit onto your smart TV and turn your living room into an incredible fitness center.


You don't really need to read most of the techie stuff below to get started (but you can if you want to get fancy).  All you need to do is order the GoBeeFit Sensor Kit and watch our Getting Started Video.  It's really that easy, however; make sure you at least read the Smart Phone Requirement part below.


GoBeeFit works on many Android smart phones that are less than 2 years old (purchased approximately after March 2018).  It is difficult to gauge if it will work on smart phones older than this, BUT if you're not sure, you can take advantage of the FREE GoBeeFit subscription trial period and run the simulator to see for yourself.


You'll need the appropriate cadence sensor AND a heart monitor/sensor to use GoBeeFit.  The cadence sensor tracks is used to track your pace as you workout.  The heart monitor/sensor tracks your heart rate.


The GoBeeFit App works best with the sensors in the GoBeeFit Sensor Kit.  Of course, we recommend using our sensors since we know they work best AND they are much more economical than other sensors sold on the market.  If you have your own sensors, below are tested sensors that work with GoBeeFit.  


GoBeeFit can be used INDOORS with a spin bike or treadmill and OUTDOORS with a bicycle.  It's super easy to get started and you don't even need any equipment if you plan to use it while running OUTDOORS.  If you want to use it for INDOOR cycling, a convenient way to use it is with your bicycle and an inexpensive bike trainer (that bike stand contraption that lifts the back wheel).  It's really that easy.  Use the equipment you got, but remember, GoBeeFit works with any spin bike, treadmill or bicycle on the market.


GoBeeFit Heart Rate Monitor

    • The GoBeeFit Sensor Kit includes everything you need, including the heart rate monitor.  It can be purchased through the GoBeeFit App.  Please go to our PRICING page ​to learn how to download the app through the Google Playstore.

  • GoBeeFit Cadence Sensor

    • The GoBeeFit Sensor Kit includes everything you need, including the cadence sensor.  It can be purchased through the GoBeeFit App.  Please go to our PRICING page ​to learn how to download the app through the Google Playstore.

  • As of this date, the only cadence sensor tested and approved is the GoBeeFit Cadence Sensor.  As we test and approve sensors in the market, we will list them on this site.


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