Download the App

Download the GoBeeFit App onto your smart phone from the Google Play Store.   


Create your Account

Register and purchase the GoBeeFit Sensor Kit & Subscription through the GoBeeFit App (pricing can be found on the PRICING page or in the App). 


Activate the Sensors

After you receive the GoBeeFit Sensor Kit, open the battery compartment and remove the small plastic slip from both sensors to activate the batteries (the GoBeeFit App must be running at this time to detect the sensors).  The kit comes with a cadence sensor to track your pace and a heart monitor sensor to track your heart beats per minute.


Attach Sensors

Attach the cadence sensor to your shoe for INDOOR treadmill workouts or for OUTDOOR running workouts


Attach the cadence sensor to the crank arm of your spin bike for INDOOR spin bike workouts, 

or to the crank arm of your bicycle for OUTDOOR workouts. 


Attach Phone to Bike

For OUTDOOR use, mount phone to your bicycle handlebars.  For INDOOR use, mount phone to your spin bike or bicycle/bike mount.  We recommend mounting your smart phone for a hands-free experience.  Smart phone mounting devices can be purchased through Amazon for as little as $4.


Select Racing or Workout Type

Select your workout type, select your desired 360° video tour (INDOOR workouts only), and Coach Mary will guide you through every step of your workout.  GoBeeFit offers spin bike classes, treadmill classes, cycling races, running races, INDOORS & OUTDOORS.  Have fun!


Meet up with your Friends

When doing Group Racing, connect with your friends through the App at the agreed upon time.  You can have a running race or a cycling race, INDOORS or OUTDOORS.  If you don't yet have friends to race with, you can find racers at the GoBeeFit Discord lobby OR you can race with system robots.  The robots represent the statistical averages of all racers in the GoBeeFit system.


Review your Metrics

GoBeeFit records your workout data so you can keep track of your performance over time.  It logs data such as the medals won in a race.

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