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How do I get started with FitRacers?

Unlike other cycling and running fitness products, the beauty of FitRacers is that we offer a quick and easy, one-stop solution for fun and exciting, high-tech fitness. All you need is your smart phone, the FitRacers Sensor Kit and your own two feet to get started. If you want to get super fancy, cast FitRacers onto your smart TV and turn your living room into an incredible fitness center. The Getting Started Video shows you how.

Does FitRacers share my data?

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy and we do NOT share your data.

Is the FitRacers RACING product much different than the WORKOUT product?

Yes. Whether you are using FitRacers indoors or outdoors, the RACING product is meant to race with your friends or system robots. The RACING A.I. COACH will advise you throughout the race to increase your winning chances.

The WORKOUT product is also for both the indoors or outdoors, but they are interval workouts that are centered around your heart rate and improving your fitness. The A.I. Coach will guide you throughout the way to ensure you get a good, cardiovascular workout.

I only see one video display on the FitRacers App.  Why do you call this 360° video technology?

The video you are seeing is what we call 360° Bee Vision Technology! Or BVT for short. It is a 360° video but unlike anything you've ever seen. What you are looking at is the left, front, and right side of a 360° video, but simultaneously. Traditional 360° video technology requires that you scroll the video all around to see only one perspective at a time (like in YouTube). We developed this patent-pending BVT 360° video technology to simulate a virtual reality experience while you work out. Of course, it’s difficult to scroll around with a mouse to view 360° video while you’re working out. We developed BVT so that you don’t have to scroll! Just enjoy the incredible scenery!

The 360° Bee Vision Technology is a lot more crisp than traditional 360° video technology.  How is that possible?

The biproduct of our patent-pending Bee Vision Technology is that the pixels are concentrated which allows us to show 360° video in its native resolution. That’s geek-talk for “we have the only technology that can display 4K 360° videos!!!” The benefit is we get to simulate some incredible routes with our tour videos.

What do the sensors in the FitRacers Sensor Kit do?

There are 2 sensors in a kit.

The cadence sensor tracks your RPM or acts as a step counter. This means that the faster you move, the more likely you are going to pass your opponents on the 360° video when racing, or the better your numbers will be when working out.

The other sensor is the heart monitor. The heart monitor tracks your heart beats-per-minute. A fitness app should be monitoring your heart. It’s the best gauge to regulate your fitness.

What equipment do I need to use FitRacers?

All you need to get started for the OUTDOOR product is your smart phone, the FitRacers Sensor Kit and your own two feet. Unlike other cycling and running fitness products, the beauty of FitRacers is that we offer a quick and easy, all-in-one solution for fun and exciting, high-tech fitness.

You can also use FitRacers OUTDOORS with a bicycle.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can use FitRacers INDOORS with your bicycle and a bike stand (that contraption that lifts the back wheel). If you want to get super fancy, cast FitRacers onto your smart TV and turn your living room into an incredible fitness center.

If you want to get even fancier, get yourself a spin bike or a treadmill. ANY brand on the market will work with FitRacers. This means there are dozens of spin bikes and treadmills that can be used with FitRacers that will fit anyone’s budget.

How does FitRacers know if I am winning the race?

The mobile APP is used in tandem with the FitRacers cadence sensor. Simply affix the cadence sensor to your shoe (when running) or bicycle/spin bike crank (when cycling) and you’re ready to go. The sensor communicates your sensor readings through the Internet and compares it to your fellow racers. Whether you are using FitRacers INDOORS or OUTDOORS, the faster you move your feet, the better your sensor readings and the better chance you have at winning the race.

Is FitRacers a racing app or a workout app?

It is both a racing app AND a workout app! You can race with your friends with the group racing OR you can race with system robots that are a statistical representation of everyone in the system.

You don’t always have to race with FitRacers. Sometimes you may only want a brisk workout and soak in the sights on the 360-degree video. The personalized spin class feature in FitRacersoffers interval training in a variety of levels. We also offer treadmill workouts.

Why is Google Maps integrated into the product?

The Google Maps integration allows us to create a strong sense of realism throughout the race. Our R & D development team consists of one of the top GIS developers in the country and they developed a Google Maps integration that is bar none in comparison to other apps. The GPS tracking is integral to calculating running and cycling information such as your actual distances travelled.

How does the A.I. Coach guide me through my workouts?

The A.I. Coach provides you with a workout based on your skill level. After the workout begins, she uses your sensor readings to guide you. She’s like one of those trainers at the gym that know when to push you to get the most out of your workout. The trick is to not wear you out too soon so you can perform at your maximum and get the best out of you. Your heart sensor readings are integral to the system and are used to give you tailored advice as you work out. Coach Mary depends on them to give you her best!

Do I need a special type of fitness equipment to use FitRacers?

No. FitRacers can be used with ANY spin bike, treadmill or bicycle/bike stand. Of course, you don't need equipment if you only want to use it while running outdoors.

Unlike other cycling and running fitness products, the beauty of FitRacers is that we offer a quick and easy, one-stop solution for fun and exciting, high-tech fitness. All you need is your smart phone, the FitRacers Sensor Kit and your own two feet to get started. If you want to get super fancy, cast FitRacers onto your smart TV and use a spin bike, bicycle with bike stand, or a treadmill to turn your living room into an incredible fitness center.

How do I get FitRacers on my smart TV?

Simply cast it from your smart phone. FitRacers runs on your smart phone and most smart phones today allow you to easily cast the display onto your smart TV. This means that you can turn your living room into a high-tech fitness center. Our 360° Bee Vision Technology displayed on your smart TV gives you the experience that you are running or cycling through some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

Can FitRacers work with any cadence sensor or heart monitor?

The FitRacers sensors communicate with your smart phone via Bluetooth. On our APPROVED DEVICES web page, you’ll find a list of every sensor that works with FitRacers. There are hundreds of sensors on the market but, we haven’t tested FitRacers with all of them. As we test and approve more sensors, we’ll update the list. We recommend that you use the sensors in the FitRacers Sensor Kit. They work the best and they are much more economical to other sensors in the market.

What type of workouts does FitRacers offer?

FitRacers offers 4 types of workouts.

  • INDOOR CYCLING - INTERVAL WORKOUTS (spin bike or bicycle/bike stand)

Remember, it's all pretty simple because once you select any of the workout options, the A.I. Virtual Coach will walk you through the entire exercise program. Motivational Mary is like having your own personal trainer during your workout.

I guess you can say that the RACING product is also a workout, but it’s more centered around winning the race.

How do I know exactly what I need to do during the workouts?

Not only does Coach Mary tell you what to do, but her fitness models also show you. The models will demonstrate everything Coach Mary is asking of you. Whether it’s a warm-up, stretching technique, or arm movements on the spin bike, the fitness models will make it very clear, so there is no question on what you should be doing at any given time.

Where is it best to use FitRacers…INDOORS or OUTDOORS?

It’s really a matter of preference. Both the INDOOR and the OUTDOOR workouts do a great job at entertaining and guiding you. The main difference is that the INDOOR workout displays the 360° Bee Vision Technology to simulate movement through beautiful locations. Of course, you shouldn’t be watching a video outdoors for obvious safety reasons.

Can I listen to my own music on my phone when I work out?

Yes. We designed FitRacers knowing that everyone has their own preferences with their workout. FitRacers offers great music to motivate you, but you can also mute our music to listen to your playlists on other music apps like Spotify and Pandora.

Is the 360° Bee Vision Technology (BVT) a VR thing?

Nope, not in the traditional sense at least. We’ve learned from other products that combining VR goggles and exercise are like combining oil and water… they don’t mix well. In fact, they’ll make you nauseous. VR goggles get you dizzy on a spin bike and forget about using them on a treadmill, for obvious safety reasons. We developed the 360° Bee Vision Technology to simulate real-world, visual effects without the use of VR goggles.

How soon can I begin using FitRacers after I purchase the Sensor Kit and subscription?

You can start using FitRacers immediately after you purchase a subscription. FitRacers has a simulator that doesn’t require sensors. While you wait for your sensors to arrive, you can use the simulator for indoor use in the meantime. You can enjoy the 360° Bee Vision Technology and tour through beautiful locations around the world.

If you happen to own one of the tested and approved sensors listed on the APPROVED DEVICES page, you can use them as well.

Do I have to use both sensors to use FitRacers?

No, but it would be a shame not to.

The cadence sensor can be used alone, but why wouldn’t you want to track your beats per minute. Tracking your heart beats-per-minute (BPM) is a great way to track your cardiovascular exercise. Knowing what heart zone you are in and for how long, gives you a good indication on whether you are improving. Heart monitoring is an essential part of ANY fitness program.

You don't even need sensors to use FitRacers in simulator mode.

How is the heart monitoring feature different to other fitness products?

Most fitness products simply display your heart rate (BPM) and the fitness zone you are in. FitRacers takes it a step further by indicating the percentage of time you spend in each zone. The whole purpose of getting a good, cardiovascular workout is to improve your fitness. You do this by challenging yourself to make it into higher zones. Knowing the percentage of time you spend in each zone gives you the knowledge you need to challenge yourself. Coach Mary also depends on it to push you harder.

How can I use the Group Feature if I don’t yet have friends to race or workout with?

If you don’t yet have friends to race or workout with on FitRacers, the app’s Group Feature will pair you with system robots that are a statistical representation of all racers in the system. FitRacers also has an account on Discord if you wish to find opponents of your same skill level. Once you find them outside of the system and agree on when to race, you can add them to your racing group and you’re ready to go.

How is the circular radar in FitRacers different from the leaderboard?

The circular radar in FitRacers Racing displays incremental lines that allow you to estimate how far in front, or behind, your opponents are from you. It offers a visual demonstration of your position in the race. The leaderboard also gives you this information, but it offers more exact numbers and it is not as visual.

Does FitRacers store my workout and racing data?

Yes. We store your data but only you have access to it. If you join a racing group, they will have access to who wins the race.

It’s a good practice to view your historical workout and racing information to know if you are making progress. Comparing yourself to the stats of other’s in the FitRacers community will promote a healthy sense of competition that makes working out fun. It’s also fun to see how many racing medals you’ve earned throughout the years.

Do I need to do something with the Google Maps app in my phone to use FitRacers?

No. Once you fire up FitRacers, Google Maps is drawn into the system and it is seamlessly integrated into FitRacers. You don’t ever have to touch Google Maps.

What is that pacer maker in FitRacers?

When you choose to workout with the racer pacer, she is the system robot that you should make pace with. You must indicate the pace you want her to keep. You should select a pace that challenges you a bit. You’ll see her running on the 360° video. She is a good, visual representation of the goal you are striving for. You gotta keep up with her!

How do I use FitRacers outdoors if I have to look at my screen?

The user interface of the INDOOR and OUTDOOR versions of the product is very different. The OUTDOOR product offers you a display with larger elements that are more practical to look at when you’re outside. The great thing about FitRacers is that you don’t even have to look at the screen when you race or workout in the outdoors. Motivational Mary is speaking to you the entire time telling you exactly what to do and where to turn on your route.

Is there a way to control the A.I. Motivational Coach?

Yes. We realize that sometimes you just want to tune out, exercise, and listen to your own music. The app allows you to control her voice. You can change the settings so that she speaks often, sometimes, or you can just mute her.

How does the A.I. Coach tailor the workouts to me?

Motivational Mary is a smart A.I. coach. She uses your sensor readings to tailor your workout. Depending on whether you are going too fast or lagging, she’ll advise you accordingly to keep you engaged. She also considers your fitness level based on your workout history.

Why do you call this a Fitness & Entertainment app?  What is the entertainment part of it?

Almost every aspect of FitRacers has an entertainment component to it. 360° video, great music, and our A.I. Coach Motivational Mary strive to make your workout entertaining. She’s got a witty personality and talks to you throughout your workout. We also add new, 360° tour videos regularly to our library. The entertainment is what makes FitRacersworkouts fun!

Why are there 2 video screens in FitRacers?

The top video display shows the front view of the 360° video. The bottom display shows the rear view of the 360° video. The front view is better for enjoying the scenery.

The bottom view is better used for racing. When in racing mode, the bottom display is like your rear-view mirror. It allows you to watch your opponents, so they don’t sneak up on you and pass you in the race.

When I’m racing OUTDOORS, do both me AND my opponents have to pick the same racing route?

No. It wouldn’t be very practical to pick the same rout if you and your opponent were at different locations (for example, Miami vs. New York). You each would get to pick your own route. FitRacers is smart enough to make both routes equidistant to make the race an even challenge. This feature is necessary for real-time racing.

What is a “bicycle with a bike stand” and how do I use it with FitRacers?

A bike stand is a triangular shaped contraption that lifts the back wheel of your bicycle off the ground. It is a quick, easy, practical, economical and convenient way to use FitRacers. There are several benefits to using a bicycle with a bike stand.

  • If you already have a bike, you don’t have to store both a bicycle AND a spin bike in your home
  • Using a bike INDOORS with FitRacers means you can also use the same bike OUTDOORS
  • Bike stands are inexpensive. You can get them for as low as about $40 on Amazon.

Why should I use the INDOOR and the OUTDOOR products?

It’s a good idea to vary your workouts so you work different muscle groups and don’t get bored. The INDOOR and OUTDOOR versions of FitRacers do exactly that…but there’s more to it.

Let’s face it, many of us are very busy nowadays with tight schedules. It’s great to have a fitness product that encourages you to exercise outdoors, but sometimes that’s not always convenient or practical. Sometimes the weather is not cooperative. Some of us with young children must often stay indoors. Whatever the case may be, having a fitness product that accommodates both indoor AND outdoor workouts is the way to go.

How is the INDOOR product different to the OUTDOOR product?

The INDOOR product is comprised of a spin class or a treadmill class. Just like in an actual spin class, the A.I. Coach will tell you exactly what to do. She’ll tell you when to speed up or slow down, when to add resistance, if you are going to slow or fast, and she’ll give you some witty commentary to motivate you to stay in line. You can also have INDOOR running and cycling races using a spin bike, treadmill or bicycle/bike trainer.

The OUTDOOR product expects you to run or use a bicycle. The main difference is that you won’t be looking at the 360° video, unless you really want to run into a pole!

Do I have to pay for the INDOOR and the OUTDOOR version of FitRacersseparately?

No. A subscription to FitRacers includes both versions of the product.

What makes FitRacers special?  Isn't this just another fitness app?

Absolutely no! FitRacers is NOT just another fitness app. FitRacers is a next-generation fitness app with a state-of-the-art navigation system and a new 360° video technology. Most fitness apps do nothing more than count your steps, calories or allow you to map your run. Many of the features they offer are only visible AFTER you complete your workout. Not a lot of fun. FitRacers is completely different. Our app is an indoor AND outdoor fitness product that allows you to involve your friends in REAL-TIME. It provides competitive workouts with a virtual experience that makes working out fun for you and your friends!

Why do the spin classes look very different to traditional spin classes?

The FitRacers spin classes are unique and tailored to you. If you take a traditional spin class, you will notice that the instructor must divide his or her time among all participants. You would be lucky if they address you once or twice in the class. In the FitRacers spin class, it's all about you! Think about it. The whole purpose of taking an instructor led spin class is for them to guide you. That's exactly what a FitRacers spin class does. The A.I. Virtual Coach is constantly monitoring your performance and letting you know when you are slacking or working to hard. She'll tell you exactly what to do and when. Her goal is to make sure you make it through the class.

Where should I attach the speed sensor on my bike?

The speed sensor works best when it is attached to the spokes of your bike wheel. Attaching it to the wheel provides the system with the most accurate reading. We recommend attaching it to the reflector on your front wheel. If necessary, you can attach it to the crank arm of your bike, but the sensor readings may not be as good as if you attached it to your bike wheel.

Why doesn’t the FitRacers interface fit on my Android phone?

If you are referring to the Navigation buttons that are covering FitRacers, this is due to a setting on your Android phone. For example, some Android phones (like the Samsung S10) have navigation buttons that are shown over the phone’s screen display. If this is the case, you can go to your Android phone settings and change the buttons to be less intrusive.

On the Samsung Galaxy S10, go to Settings, click on Display, click on Navigation Bar, and select Full Screen Gestures to make the buttons less intrusive.

How do the cardio sensor readings work and what do I do with them?

As you work out, the FitRacers heart monitor sends cardio sensor readings through your phone and are displayed in a colorful bar chart that is constantly shifting to the right on the FitRacers metrics display. The different colors on each bar represent a different heart rate zone. The bar on the far left represents your current heart rate zone.

The idea is to maintain yourself in the Orange heart rate zone for as long as possible. The Orange Zone is great for developing your high-speed endurance and maximum performance capacity. The box with the heart shape inside of it changes colors throughout your workout. This also represents the heart rate zone you are in. You should always strive to maintain yourself in the Orange heart rate zone.

The FitRacers system is designed to encourage you to reach and maintain yourself in the Orange Zone for as long as possible. The heart beats-per-minute of the Orange zone is different for everyone since it is calculated based on the age, height, and weight you submitted when you first created your user profile.

Next to the bar chart, you will notice a thermometer like image that eventually becomes more and more orange. The longer you maintain yourself in the Orange Zone, the more the thermometer will rise. The objective is to fill the thermometer until it is completely Orange.

Why are there 2 navigation components on the FitRacers outdoor workout?

The navigation path in the center of the screen shows your total workout path from Point A to Point B. The moving dot lets you know where you are on your path in real-time.

The navigation path on the left is more zoomed in and shows you upcoming turns in your route. Just like a car’s GPS navigation, it shows you which way to turn and how soon the turn is coming.

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