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Powered by the Google Maps technology on your phone, we created the ideal GPS navigation system for your day-to-day travel while using your bicycle, scooter or motorcycle.  This feature is embedded in FitRacers, but it can be used seperately from the fitness application portion of the app.  The same navigation component in FitRacers can be used as you travel through your neighborhood.  

Most navigation systems are designed for motorized vehicles, hence they plan their routes based on traffic conditions.  Traffic conditions do not apply in the same way for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles since they can zip through traffic and take advantage of bicycle paths.  FitRacers has the only navigation system specifically designed to get two-wheeled vehicles to their destination the quickest. 


The FitRacers Navigation user experience is also much more user friendly than traditional GPS systems.  When riding a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle, you are afforded much less viewing time of your phone for obvious safety reasons.  The FitRacers Navigation system is simple and basic which means you can navigate much easier which promotes a safer experience.

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