New Fitness Application set to Shake Up the Fitness Software Industry in 2020


Visit our website and see for yourself how FitRacers will impact the Fitness industry with its strong integration with the Samsung product line (Smartphones, Smart Watches, and Smart TVs).


MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 19, 2019 -- Largo Technology Group, Inc. (LTG) will launch FitRacers, a feature-rich, game-like fitness application in Q1 2020. FitRacers’ low cost, innovative, patent-pending product line and its global marketing strategy is poised to completely disrupt the fitness software industry, rattling the two main players, Fitbit and Peloton


FitRacers allows subscribers to use their existing exercise equipment and personal electronic devices, supporting over 2 billion devices worldwide. It can be used on Android and iOS Smartphones, Smart Watches, Smart TVs, TV Boxes and their Windows 10 Laptops.  FitRacers features a patent-pending, 360° video display integrated with Augmented Reality, an Artificial Intelligence Coach, and the ability to create a racing forum among the FitRacers community from around the world or among friends.  


Peloton users often choose to finance the bike for 39 monthly payments of $58.  This is a steep commitment of $97 ($58 plus $39 subscription fee) for 3 plus years. The typical Peloton users pay 4 to 10 times more than the typical FitRacers users on a monthly basis.  Peloton users are extremely overpaying for a system that has significantly less features than FitRacers at $9.95 / month with no long-term commitments.  Would you buy a gym membership that requires you to sign a 39-month contract at $97 per month?


FitRacers works with any equipment type including bicycles, spin bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals from any manufacturer within any price range. It will even work without equipment since you can simply run around your neighborhood.  Because of its global, low-cost, mass-market appeal, FitRacers will also target underserved fitness market demographics such as juniors, teens, seniors and anyone that wants a low-cost fitness solution.


Fitbit’s limited software of merely counting steps and tracking basic biometric data was state of the art 5 years ago.  Today’s advanced Smart Watches using the FitRacers application not only performs those basic functions but can also use the FitRacers fully integrated fitness application.  For the same monthly Fitbit service fee of $9.95, FitRacers users will have a 360° display, AI coaching, a live racing engine, and a personalized interval training module offering so much more over Fitbit.  These standard FitRacers features far exceed not only Fitbit’s features but also go well beyond Peloton’s functionalities at a much lower price.


Between now and the product launch, if any organization is interested in a Strategic Partnership and or an Investment Opportunity in LTG Inc., they should contact us to be part of our launch press release in Q1 2020.

Contact: Robert Uria