Getting started with FitRacers is a simple 3-step process.  You'll need


1. Fitness equipment (of course)

2. A device to run the FitRacers application

3. A subscription to FitRacers

The following is a summary of everything you need to know to get started along with links that explain it in detail. 

1. Fitness Equipment Needed

FitRacers can be used with any spin bike, treadmill, bicycle/bike stand or an elliptical.  For a list of recommended equipment for spinning, please visit our Spin Equipment page.

2. Device Needed

FitRacers requires a device to run the product on and a sensor.  Some devices can run all the features that FitRacers offers whereas others only run some of the features.  The requirements necessary for each type of device and the features they can run can be found in the Requirements page

Computing Device

You can use a TV box, smart phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet to run FitRacers.  You can strap the device to your fitness machine to watch the screen or you can mirror it onto a TV or monitor.


You can use an Ant+ sensor or a smart phone.   


Ant+ Sensor - The Ant+ sensor attaches to the crank arm of your spin bike or bicycle/bike stand.  As you pedal or run on your machine, the motion you generate is read by the sensor and the readings are transmitted to FitRacers via the Internet.   Our Ant+ tutorial video explains how to set it up.  


Smart Phone - Your smart phone turns into a motion sensor by logging on to FitRacers and making the indication to do so.  It requires you to...


° Strap the phone to your arm or leg or put it into your pocket.

° Strap the phone to your fitness machine.

Applicable Fitness Machines
3. Subscribe to FitRacers

Step 1)
Step 2)
Step 3)

Go to the Buy web page
Create a user account
Select and pay for the desired subscription type

Subscription Price