FitRacers is a confluence of several technologies, namely AR (Augmented Reality) and our patent-pending 360° Bee Vision Technology (BVT).  It allows you to participate in live races or work out with anyone in the world with any spin bike, treadmill or elliptical and a sensor.  The application also offers a Coach Avatar that guides you.  These are only some of the features FitRacers offers.  It is a wonderful synergy of fitness and entertainment.  Never again will you become bored when working out.

The following is a list of our product features.  


  • Live Online Group Racing (spin bike or treadmill)

  • Group Weekly/Monthly Racing Competitions

  • Individual On-line Racing

  • Application Portable

  • 360° Video with Bee Vision Technology (BVT)

  • 100° Video

  • Augmented Reality with AR 100° video

  • Augmented Reality with AR 360° video

  • Superior Video Image Quality

  • Coach Avatar

About our 360° Videos
  • Great Music

  • Extensive Library of  Videos

  • Fitness Tracker

  • Display Layout Varieties

  • Smart Phone or Tablet Motion Sensor Capability

  • Ant+ Sensor Technology

  • Virtual Race Track

  • Workout Mode

  • Leaderboard & Trackbars

FitRacers offers 360° tour videos of beautiful locations around the world to watch while you race or workout.  Our 360° videos are produced with state-of-the-art video equipment that allow us to make high-quality productions.  The technology we use stabilizes the 360° video and the result is smooth video that is pleasing to the eye.

The videos we produce are the only 360° videos that interact with our proprietary AR technology and patent-pending 360° video BVT technology.  Our Bee Vision Technology (BVT) offers a new and exciting way to view 360° video.  The technology is so immersive that it does not require the use of VR goggles.  Our videos also contain the necessary GPS metadata which drives the magic behind our AR technology.  We currently have 360° videos in several states and will add more every month.